Tuesday, May 23, 2006

He Died for Your Clothes

Today in the Berkeley Planet i read about the death of the naked guy

I was thinking about his death on the way home

& then the age part hit me

he was 33 like JC

hence the title of this entry

here is a link
w/ one story


I met Andrew at a Cloine Court party
before he became "the naked guy"
He impressed me as being so very gentle

There is an aspect about some large mesomorphs
where they feel relaxed and are not trying to show
physical dominance

Andrew showed this quality when I met him
at the "mosh pit" at the Cloine court party
his demeaner was so relaxed and unintrusive
I knew that I did not have to worry about getting
hit from his direction
He really changed the vibe cuz
he was so strong but gentle

Having my own battles with mental illness
& being a Berkeley dropout

I feel fortunate
that i am still alive
& have not been in a mental hospital for 22 years
& have not been arrested for 14

maybe on some levels i am slightly ashamed to have not been arrested
for so long

well being in jail really sucks


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